Home Furnishing Styles

Mediterranean Style:

This home furnishing style is correlated with French and Italian styles. You must use:

Warm colors such as yellow and earth colors.

Simple fabric patterns that come in blue with a touch of gold.

Natural furniture that is made out of wood.

A decoration that contains images of flowers, particularly ships and sunflowers.

Cottage Style:

Every time you say or hear the word “cottage”, you may imagine or picture out an old-fashioned small house, surrounded by a white painted picket fence, located beneath a lake or countryside. For this type of style, you must:

Use pastel shades in painting the house.

Display antique and traditional kinds of accessories inside the house.

Use white chairs and couches or white furniture, and floral prints for the pillows and cushions.

Use a fine textiles or gauze for the curtains. This may create a cottage atmosphere in the house.

Use patchwork quilts as throws.

Use soft lights and lamps, or use dimmers if needed.

Victorian Style:

This is the style that is used in the grand and prestigious mansions built in England throughout the Victorian period. This may be easily recognized because this style:

Uses elegant and small armchairs and couches furniture.

Uses dried flowers and porcelain as decorations.

Can be complemented with rich brocades and velvet home furnishings.

Uses cushions that are silk in fabric, stripes, and with plain floral patterns.

Traditional Style:

This is an elegant original classic style of home furnishing. If you prefer this style, you must:

Use a textile with floral patterns for cushions, sheets, curtains, couches, etc.

Use furniture like mahogany.

Have a china or crystal decoration.

Make curtains using heavy materials.

Use furniture that are checkered and damasks.

Use landscapes that are framed in decorating the walls.

Oriental Style:

This is the style that involves the use of sleek but simple Oriental patterns. Upon applying this style, you must:

Use only little furniture.

Put in mind and apply the saying “Less is more”.

Use Oriental rugs furniture and silk fabric that has Oriental prints.

Use images with dragons, Japanese seascapes and cherry blossoms.