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When to Schedule a Dental Crown Replacement

Your dental crown is meant to last several years but is not indestructible. Over time, problems requiring replacement can arise because of your crown wearing and tearing. However, how do you figure out when you require a dental crown replacement? On this page, we will look at signs that show you might need a dental crown replacement. Make sure you check it out!

First, we’ll explore more about damage, wear, or tear. If your dental crowns are beginning to indicate signals of wear and tear, they likely need to get replaced soon. Dental crowns can become cracked, chipped, or worn out with time; hence, it is imperative to be keen on them. If you suppose your crown may be damaged, contact a dental expert immediately.

Next on the list of these signs is discoloration or staining. Ensure you plan for a replacement of your dental crown if it’s stained or discolored. This implies that opaque and tartar could have amassed on your crown. For this not to happen, it is important that you floss and brush often and go to your dental clinic frequently for cleanings. This product with tobacco can cause your teeth, including your crown, to stain. Dark-colored veggies and fruits, red wine, coffee, and tea, can also stain your teeth. If your dental crowns are discolored or stained, contact your dental clinic instantly to talk about replacement options.

The other sign is pain or sensitivity. It might be time to replace your dental crown if it has pain or sensitivity. Different reasons explain why you have dental crown sensitivity or pain. First, your crown may be extremely tight. An exceptionally tight crown can strain the tooth, leading to sensitivity or pain. On the contrary, a loose crown can permit bacteria to land below the crown, irritating the tooth. This can cause aches or sensitivity.

Next on this site is a loose or ill-fitted crown. If your dental crowns are not well-fitting, this might be when to have them replaced. If you are experiencing aches or discomfort in the region, this can show the crown’s failure. Moreover, if you do not feel that your dental crown is firmly in place or seems to move or make noise as you eat, it might show that it requires a replacement. Hence, if you are uncertain about your crown’s feel or security, it is necessary to have your dentist look at it for further examination. Subsequently, your dental clinic can propose any needed action, for example, a dental crown replacement.

Hopefully, your questions about a dental crown replacement have been answered after you click more here.